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We’re proud to offer you a carefully curated collection of high quality products made to inspire and delight. Below are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about the brand. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, or would like to provide us with feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us through one of the means below:

1-866-672-0061 (8-5 EST)
4980 Tahoe Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 0C7

General Questions

Panache products are available across the country at Sobeys, Safeway, Thrifty Foods, IGA, Foodland, select FreshCo. locations, and online at Voilà.

Every store offers different products based on demand by customers like you. So please ask your store manager if they could carry the item you’re looking for on their shelves.

If one of our products doesn't live up to your standards, feel free to return it to the store on your next visit. We'll gladly replace it or refund you. And we'll send your comments and detailed product info to our Customer Care Team to make future improvements. Here’s more info on our 100% Guarantee

Just look near the UPC code on every Panache package. You'll see either “Prepared for Sobeys” if it’s produced in Canada, and “Imported for Sobeys” or "Produced for Sobeys" if it's made abroad. If you're unable to find the country of origin on a product, please contact our Customer Care Team with the UPC code – they’ll be happy to help.

Best before dates can be found on many of our products. The date is found beside 'Best before/Meillure avant' or 'BB/MA.' Other products may simply have a Lot Code. Please contact Customer Care with the UPC and Lot Codes found on the product if you would like more information.

Our manufacturers often produce our products in batches. Each batch is assigned its own unique series of numbers or Lot Code. These Lot Codes help us track when a product was made.